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Kismet Kitten's Story:
Traditional Doll Face Persian Kittens

We feel it is important that you get to know your Teacup Persian Cat Breeder, as we hope to establish a long term relationship with our customers.

We are a family owned small cattery raising all of our Persian kittens in house and lovingly socializing them for their forever homes. We sell Teacup  & Toy Persians in Florida and ship in the USA and to Canada.

While we absolutely love breeding make no mistake, it is hard work. While my main focus is on the caring of our Persians, my husband also runs his own company as well as helping me with many aspects of the breeding business. We would love to become your Persian kitten breeder of choice and hope to establish a relationship based on trust, respect and by bringing you the joy of a healthy affectionate furry companion, one that you will adore and love for many, many years to come! We know that once you own a Kismet Kitten you will come back time and again because we know that the quality of service we offer and the exceptional Persian kittens we sell will bring you back every time. If you're seeking to add a new member to your family, we will always be here to help you find just the right Persian kitten. Experience the Kismet Kittens difference!

We are very proud that our Persians have been sold to people from all walks of life, from famous celebrities to blue collar families to the single person wanting a loving companion. We treat all our customers equally, offering helpful advice to the novice first time owner to making calls afterwards to confirm your new family member is adjusting.

Our Persians are featured in a book about excellence in breed for the Persians we sell.

As a premier breeder of exquisite Doll Face Persians, you can rest assured you are purchasing from the very best.

With extensive knowledge gained through the years we are always here to help you find your perfect Teacup or Toy kitten.

We do not keep a testimonial page because truthfully, whenever we see one on a website, we don't always trust what is being said.

We have real live references from past customers, should you ask for any testimonials.

Kismet Kittens specializes in the following Doll Face Persian Kittens: 

Silver, Golden and Chinchilla Shaded as well as the very beautiful White Doll Face Persian, we offer our Persians with Blue, Green, and Odd Eyes.

We have been in the breeding business for many years dealing with wildlife in the past and in the last 9 plus years breeding Persians. We select breed our exquisite Persians offering a handful of litters per year, slowly expanding our cattery to accomadate our customers. What this means for you is that there isn't any in-breeding in our cattery and only the best Persians are being bred for excellence, resulting in beautiful and healthy babies.

We handle all kittens from time of birth and at four ( 4 ) weeks of age we begin hand feeding ( goat's milk ) to our Persian babies and they stay on Goat's Milk all the way up until they leave our home. Other supplements we use include Kitty Bloom, Nutrical, Probiotics.

They are raised around our three dogs, three children and one grandchild, so they are well adjusted, loving, and affectionate by the time they leave us for their new homes.

Aside from breeding, I am licensed in Holistic and Herbal Medicine, I also make and sell all natural products. and organic treats for my animals. I am half Chinese, part Native American with a touch of Spanish. I was raised in a very spiritual home, my love for animals has been a lifelong affair. I was taught at an early age to respect all life and that animals are special creatures that offer unconditional love expecting nothing in return but your love and acceptance. I choose to breed Persian kittens because I wanted to bring joy into the lives of other people and what better way than through the very affectionate and playful Persian!

Our kittens come with a Health Guarantee against any genetic or hereditary deadly defects. Our Persian Teacup and Toy kittens are Vet Checked and given their shots at the appropriate times. You will receive a state issued Health Certificate with your new Teacup/Toy Kitten along with a Contract.

In addition our buyer's receive a deluxe care package with items we have selected for our kittens/customers to take home. Our care package may include some of the following: a wand teaser for bonding with your new Persian, a handmade blanket, various toys a deluxe collar and a sample of the food the kitten is currently eating.

We encourage our buyers to bond quickly with their new family member but ask that before you decide to adopt that you have the time allotted to spend with your new Persian Kitten.

We are located in Florida and offer local pick up by appointment, as well as shipping in the United States and Canada.

Our Traditional Doll Face Persian Kittens are much sought after and are of premium quality and loved unconditionally!

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