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Doll Face Teacup Persian Kittens For Sale

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The health & wellbeing of each kitten is paramount to us.

We pride ourselves on bringing you the very finest Persians anywhere! Please take the time to read the following information as it will answer many questions you may have and will help make the kitten's transition from our home to its forever home a much more enjoyable experience for both you and your newest family member.

*Terms & Conditions:

Placing a deposit on a kitten is the Only way to Reserve one of our Persian kittens. We do not hold a kitten on a verbal promise, no exceptions.

A deposit is nonrefundable. By placing a deposit you are reserving a kitten and that kitten is not made available to other potential buyers.

Do not reserve a kitten unless you are 100% committed to purchasing it. Ask any and all questions before you commit to buying one of our kittens.

Before you contact us with questions please read this whole page as many of your questions may already be answered here. If you leave a deposit on a kitten or on an upcoming litter and we don't hear from you or you do not respond to emails, text or phone calls we will cancel your reservation to allow the next buyer a chance to purchase that kitten. Serious buyers only on upcoming litters only.

Your deposit will not be refunded.

Communication is a two way street. Additionally do not expect to contact us at a later date expecting to reserve a new kitten.

We do not transfer reservations unless it is for an upcoming litter and we have given permission in advance.

Keep in mind we are very busy and if you have reserved for an upcoming kitten and we notify you once the litter is born and we do not receive a response within 3 days your reservation will be canceled and your deposit forfeited.

This allows others serious buyers a chance to purchase the kitten. We try to be fair but also expect the buyer to be engaged with us as well.

If you want information about a specific kitten feel free to contact us via email at

We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have however keep in mind emails containing very little information, no name or asking basic questions that are already answered on our Website will be ignored.

In addition emails containing short questions such as "How Much” will be ignored. When purchasing a family pet it is important that you take the time to read the information contained on our Website and that you are 100% comitted to bringing a new member of the family into your life!

Educate yourself before you contact us regarding a specific Persian kitten.

*Pricing & Privileges:

We reserve the right to refuse a sale or to cancel a sale at any time for any reason. If we cancel a sale we will refund the buyers deposit. It is our practice to reserve our Persians for the best homes possible and if for any reason we feel a sale is not going to work out we reserve the right to cancel that purchase.

Potential buyers who leave a deposit and can't fulfill the purchase will not be refunded.

Once a deposit is made the buyer has until indicated on each kitten listed for sale to pay the balance in full. Generally two weeks before shippig, if picking up balance can be made at pick up.

If you are unable to pay balance your deposit will be forfeited, and the kitten will be made available to the next interested buyer or re listed for sale on our Website. By leaving a deposit you are signing a good faith contract of purchase for a specific kitten. We honor a deposit as a contract and once a deposit is made that kitten is not available for purchase to any other buyers.

Once a buyer leaves a deposit the kitten indicated is marked On Hold until balance is paid. Once balance is paid in full the kitten is marked Sold. This allows other buyers that are interested to be next to purchase the kitten should we refuse a sale or buyer does not honor the sale.

Under each kitten listed will be a time frame the balance is to be paid in full. We do not feel we should have to track a person down for payment, if payment is not made within the time frame allotted the sale will be canceled and you will lose your deposit. As with any online business you pay for your merchandise before you receive the goods, we are no different.

*Paying Balance:

For balance we accept personal checks (must clear before shipping) we do not accept a check if buyer is picking up.

It is cash only at pick up. Other forms of payment we accept are money orders, cashier’s checks and WU.

Once payment is made in full we will promptly send you a receipt. Once a kitten is paid in full as a courtesy to our buyers we send via text/email updates of the purchased kitten at our convenience.



If you paid in full and you cancel or your actions cause breeder to forfeit the sale, you will lose your deposit, a 30% restocking fee and the shipper's fee if shipping. Our time is just as valuable as yours and if a buyer becomes demanding, irrational, disrespectful, and untrustworthy we the Breeders have the right to cancel the sale and apply the fees listed above as compensation. Fees applied to a cancellation cover the cost of relisting, advertising, our time and labor.

Additionally should buyer not abide by the stipulations outlined within this website breeder can exercise their right to refuse a sale and collect compensation.


Updates are in the form of photos and videos so that buyers can watch their kitten progress all the up until he/she leaves our care. We send updates based on how busy we are, contrary to popular belief breeding is hard work and we are not sitting around all day playing with kittens (we wish). Buyers who consistently harass us for updates will result in a cancelled sale and forfeit of deposit.

Caring for animals on a professional level is a job like any other job. Our updates are a bonus we offer our customers however, buyers who abuse this privilege will result in a canceled purchase and forfeit of deposit. Not very many breeders offer consistent updates and we ask that you allow us to do our job and we will send updates as time allows.

Updates are weekly to biweekly.


*Note: In addition please be aware of the contact info on our Website. You will never receive emails/text messages from any other phone number/email address other than what is posted here.


Our kittens are shipped using a Professional Animal Transporter, we do not offer crate shipping so don't ask or insist we crate one of our kittens. Once a kitten is reserved, we will send you a professional shipper’s contact info so that you can make arrangements for a date of delivery we will give you a date to provide the shipper for delivery. We ask all buyers that are having their new kitten shipped to make arrangements as soon as possible with the shipper as most professional transporters book all deliveries in advance and as a courtesy to the shipper it is good management to do so. Rates are very comparable to crate shipping which runs about $375.00 in the U.S. Shipping fees are the sole cost of the buyer. With our shipper your kitten will be on the plane with the shipper cared for the whole time, never below in crate with other animals in a cage and in air conditioning and scared. Our transporter generally meets you at your closest airport or ca deliver to your home for an aditional fee.


Our Persian kittens are priced according to quality, linage, sex, and personality. While we are well aware that we could sell our kittens for much more money we choose to make owning a high end Persian kitten affordable and reasonable to all buyers.

Monetary status does not always indicate that a buyer will be a responsible pet owner and we realize this.

We do give $100.00 discount to buyers purchasing two of more kittens. The price of our Persian kittens covers the cost of breeding which includes Food, Vitamins, Vet Bills, Toys, Care, Grooming, and Labor Etc.

Our prices start at $1,250.00 and go up.

In addition all buyers must fill out an application for purchase.

This is for our records ONLY and your information is never shared with anyone else.

Once a deposit is made we will email you the application which must be returned to us within 24 hrs.

*Health Guarantee and Required Care:

All our Persian kittens come with a 1 year health guarantee against any deadly hereditary congenital defect ONLY, which is also a pet purchase contract.

All kittens see a licensed Veterinarian before they leave us for an exam, fecal testing, health certificate and vaccines. Your new kitten will require additional vaccines as they get older and it is your responsibility to provide proper care for your new kitten.

*Setting an Appointment:

Appointments are for pick up only, we do not allow buyers in our home, no exceptions nor will we meet you somewhere because you're "thinking" of buying a kitten. We find that the kind of individual that purchases the Persians we specialize in breeding are knowledgeable of the breed, knows what they want and is comfortable choosing one based on photos/videos we supply.

In addition we understand that some buyers may not feel comfortable purchasing a kitten online and due to incidents where people have been ripped off, we certainly can't blame them and would advise anyone to proceed with caution toward anyone selling Persian kittens online.

Kismet Kittens will upon request supply any customer with two to three past buyer references and in addition we always watermark all photos of our available Persian kittens for sale thus making it harder for any person to steal photos of our kittens and post them as their own.

*Note: In the last few years we have been made aware of several places using our photos of past kittens and selling them as their own. We have reported these people to google who really doesn't care and have contacted these scam artist ourselves but they just ignore our requests and keep stealing our photos. Unfortunately these people operate outside of the U.S. and there's not much we can legally do except warm buyers. 


Kismet Kittens is located in sunny Florida and offers shipping in the United States and to Canada. We also offer local pick up in the Tampa Bay Area by appointment only.

*Quality of Kittens:

We have worked very hard at becoming a successful, professional, respected breeder of high end deluxe Persian Doll Face Kittens and strive to make your experience with us an enjoyable one. The price of each kitten depends on the quality of the kitten and the time of year.

A brief description is listed with the photos.

Our kittens are CFA certified, high end, top quality, well cared for, well socialized, good with children and other animals and also very affectionate all this is reflected in our prices which range from $1,250.00 and can go up to $3500 or higher.

Whether your dream kitten is the majestic White Doll Face Kitten with Blue Eyes or the exotic look of the Golden Shaded Kitten or the stunningly beautiful Silver Chinchilla Shaded.

Or maybe you prefer the cuteness and playfulness of the Doll Face Bi-Colors or Tabby Kittens.

Kismet Kittens has the right kitten for you.

*Past Buyer References are given after deposit is made. We respect our past buyers and do not randomly go around giving out our buyers information because someone is thinking of purchasing a kitten from us.

*Deafness in White Kittens with Blue Eyes:

There is a myth that all blue eyed White kittens will most likely be deaf or hard of hearing. Here at Kismet Kittens we have a high percentage of White Blue Eyed Persians that have perfectly normal hearing due to the breeding process we use.

All cats born deaf adjust rather well to lack of sound and go on to have perfectly normal lives.

Deafness is caused by the dominate White gene carried in the breeding parents. Our Health Guarantee has a clause which excludes liability for deafness on any pf our Persian kittens.

There is a high demand for Blue Eyed White Persians and once you leave a deposit on one of ours you have made a commitment to purchase that kitten, we do not give a refund on deposits, because you changed your mind.

In rare circumstances we may allow a buyer to switch kittens only if the kitten they want to switch is of equal value. We do not switch a kitten once a buyer takes ownership and kitten leaves our care.

Weight Estimates for the Breeds we sell are as Follows:

White Doll Face & Himalayan Kittens: 6lbs. to 12lbs.

Silver-Chinchilla & Golden Shaded: 5lbs. to 8.5lbs.

Tabby & Bi Color: 5lbs. to 10lbs.

*Eye Color:

We do our best to determine eye color on our kittens by the time they are between 5-8 weeks of age, as general rule these are eye colors of breeds we sell:

White Doll Face-Blue-Odd-Green-Gold

Silver-Chinchilla-Golden Shaded- Green

Bicolor-Tabby- Green-Gold

Because a cat's eyes can be blue for 4 months and change to green we do not guarantee eye color will not change or not lighten up. We do our best to be honest about all factors of the breeding business and once a kitten is posted for sale on our Available Kittens page we are generally 95% sure of eye color.

*Teacup and Toy Kittens:

Because the word Teacup is not an actual breed of Persian.

The CFA does not recognize nor does it allow buyers to register any Persian kitten as Teacup or Toy.

The term Teacup is used to describe a weight range Breeders expect a kitten to weigh once fully grown. We do not guarantee weight/size as we have no control over diet/lifestyle once a buyer takes ownership of one of our Teacup/Toy Persian Kitten. We give our buyers a weight range we expect our Persian kittens to weigh once fully grown based on the breed and the weight of the parents and what is normal for that breed.

Keep in mind there are exceptions to that rule.

As stated above we cannot possibly give a weight/size guarantee and no legitimate breeder would.

Buyers with unrealistic expectations based on what they have read on the Internet regarding Teacup and Toy kittens will only be disappointed once the kitten becomes an adult and doesn't weigh 3 to 4 lbs. There is no such thing as a 3 to 4 lb. adult cat and if there was there would be something seriously wrong. Breeders that breed for smallness are unethical.

*Things to Consider:

There are many things to consider before you purchase your newest family member. Persians require care like regular brushing and periodic professional grooming as well as Veterinarian visits for exams and vaccinations.

They also require attention, so make sure that you have the time for a pet before you decide to purchase one. Our kitten contract requires you to Spay/Neuter and keep your Persian indoors.

There are many dangers of letting a kitten roam outside, for one they could catch a deadly disease from a stray animal, get lost/stolen or worse killed. Our Spay/Neuter contract prevents unwanted pregnancies and protects our line of Persians from being bred without a breeding contract.

Also buyers must ONLY use a vet that gasses the kitten for altering as this runs no risk of death that anesthesia does.

*Our Health Guarantee Responsibility:

Once a kitten leaves our cattery our responsibility to you is a 1 year health guarantee from any deadly hereditary or congenial defects. If a kitten is found to have a deadly genetic disease within the first year of life, we will offer you another kitten of equal value upon proof from a Licensed Veterinarian stating the exact cause of death along with a necropsy. If a kitten of equal value is not available within (8) eight months, we will refund purchase price of kitten.

Our health guarantee does not include minor basic health issues or standard yearly vaccines from feline diseases that is treatable by your local Veterinarian. Basic care for your new kitten may include treatment for fleas, ear mites, regular brushing and professional grooming, as well as standard vaccines as needed. Once you take ownership this becomes your responsibility and is required in our Pet contract that you take proper measure to care for your new Persian kitten. Our persians are given vitamins and are on a grain free dry food only, they are litter trained and well socialized before leaving and kittens do not leave our care until they're 2 lbs. no exceptions. 

*Your Health Guarantee Responsibility:

We require that you take your new kitten to a Veterinarian within 72 hrs. after final purchase.

Failure to do so will render the Health Guarantee null and void. A copy of the Veterinarian Exam must be mailed to us within 7 days after purchase.

We will retain a copy of the health exam and purchase contract in our records for one (1) year.

Every kitten is susceptible to many deadly and disabling infectious diseases if not treated to prevent and protect them, even indoor kittens.

As a concerned and responsible pet owner it is important to have your kitten regularly vaccinated at the appropriate times and is your responsibility once you take ownership of one our kittens to do so.

*Blue Slip Papers:

Our kittens are CFA Certified. At time of purchase we require you to sign a Spay/Neuter Agreement as outlined in our Purchase Contract, which requires your Veterinarian's signature at the time of altering.

Once your kitten has been Spayed or Neutered, you are required to mail the form back to us and only then will we mail you the CFA registration papers. Our kittens are to be altered using the gassing technique only and not anesthesia, no exceptions. 

*Breeding Rights:

We are very selective with whom we sell breeding rights to. We do not sell Breeding Rights in Florida.

Breeding rights are an additional $1000 per kitten to approved buyers.








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