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Persian Kitten FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Persian Kittens

The health and well being of each kitten is paramount to us. We pride ourselves on bringing you the very finest Persians anywhere!
*Please take the time to read the following information as it will answer many questions you may have and will help make the kitten’s transition from our home to it’s forever home a much more enjoyable experience for both you and your newest family member.

Setting an Appointment: 

In order to view our available kittens in our home, you must email us the following information: Your full name, a telephone number the reach you, your full address, the date and time you would like to view available kittens. We require a 24 ( twenty four ) hour notice and we will ask for valid identification before we allow any person ( s ) in our home. Due to theft and in recent years acts of violence toward many breeders, we take our safety seriously and feel that legitimate buyer’s should not have any problems providing this information. Although we try to be as safety conscious as possible by installing security cameras and recording devices to protect our loved ones and our property, we still require the above information and feel legitimate buyer’s will not feel insulted by this request. Look at it from the viewpoint if you would allow someone you have never met into your home, if you were selling something of value. We keep your information confidential and it is not shared with anyone. You can also reserve a kitten by putting a deposit which will hold the kitten of choice via Paypal. Local pickup is available by appointment. Thanks for understanding in advance.

*Price of Kitten: 

Let’s discuss the price of buying a Persian kitten. There are many advantages of buying from a professional breeder as opposed to buying from a backyard breeder. For one, a professional breeder will have a contract and a health guarantee on the kitten you’re purchasing, backyard breeders will not. While professional breeder’s make a living breeding kittens, backyard breeders will have cats that they breed by accident and therefore do not monitor which cat is breeding with each other. Professional breeders monitor the breeding of their cats and know exactly what cat is breeding with what cat. Professional breeders have special boarding and rooms made for their cats, such as the main cattery, the nursery and breeding suites as well the initial cost of birthing pins, this cost thousands. A professional breeder will have the Pedigree on their kitten via the CFA, that allows you to purchase the Pedigree of the kitten you’re buying. A pedigree shows the line of Persian, kind of like a family tree. Now let’s get into the cost of breeding. For the professional breeder the initial cost of purchasing breeding Persians is huge, and can run into the thousands per cat. So if a professional breeder purchases ten breeding cats at two grand a piece, that is a twenty grand investment. Now we will discuss the monthly cost and upkeep per cat. Each cat has to be fed, given flea medication, litter, cost of playpens and grooming equipment (shampoo, clippers, brushes) and other vital things such as toys, cat condo’s, vitamins, supplements. There is also yearly cost of Vet bills and vaccines.The professional breeder never gets a day off or yearly vacation, and even when we are not feeling well, we still have to feed and clean up after our cats. So for one month per cat the cost breaks down to this:
Premium Food: $20.00 Litter: $20.00 Flea Treatment: $10.00 Grooming: $30.00 Basic Replacement of Items such as Toys, Carriers, Blankets, Beds etc: $20.00 Specialty items such a Vitamins, Supplements $20.00. Now let’s discuss the labor of the breeder on cleaning up after the cats daily, hiring help cost $200.00 per week but, since I do it myself and sacrifice any vacations and do not ever get a day off that is also factored into the price so we will add another $100.00 into the equation per month per cat. So the cost breaks down to $220.00 a month per cat. This is not adding in cost of Vet bills and vaccines which cost hundreds per year. Now if you factor into the equation that it takes two cats to make a kitten the basic cost excluding vet bills and vaccines is $440.00 a month to upkeep two breeding cats. Now add twelve months to that number and you get $5,280.00 per year for the care and maintenance of two breeding cats. So now we have the cost of caring for a litter of kittens for three months which includes grooming, specialty vitamins, vaccines, purchasing the toys and care package for the buyers, we have specialty blankets made for our buyers and each kitten leaves with a deluxe care package, which includes toys, food samples, vitamins, wand teaser for bonding with your new kitten. Our kittens are fully vaccinated at the appropriate times with an extra vaccine for feline leukemia, which saves you $150.00 at the Vet’s office. They are also professionally groomed and given a flea treatment as well as litter trained and of course very well socialized. All this cost hundreds per kitten. So our cost for the upkeep, caring, health and maintenance for the purchase of one of our Persian kittens by the time it leaves our home to your’s is approximately $350.00 per kitten. However from time to time some kittens cost more to maintain because we never let our kitten’s leave until they reach their full healthy potential, especially our Ex Small Persians that we sell. Our prices reflect the love and energy we put into breeding. We take great pride in our kittens and provide the best care possible. Our prices ( unless we are running a special ) range from $650.00 w/o papers and goes up to $2,500.00 with papers per kitten, which is more than extremely reasonable and you do get what you pay for at Kismet Persian Kittens. Our prices reflect the cost of caring for and the quality of the Persian Kittens we produce. We try to make owning a high end Persian kitten affordable to all our buyers and that is why we offer prices w/o papers from time to time. Our prices are firm and non negotiable, please do not insult us by asking for a discount, you will be asked to leave. We give a $50.00 per kitten discount only when a buyer purchases two ( 2 ) or more kittens.


We are located in sunny Florida and offer shipping to the United States and Canada. So if your live in Texas, California, New York or any of the fifty states or live in Canada and are looking for that perfect Persian companion, we can ship our Persian kittens to you using a professional animal transporter.
We also offer local pick up in the Tampa Bay Area by appointment only. Due to several incidences of breeders being hurt/robbed and one even killed in their home, we will only see potential buyer’s by appointment at our convenience and only after you provide us with your full name, address and a telephone number to reach you. We do not see buyers at last minute nor spur of the moment. For final pick up we offer to meet with you in the Tampa area at a designated safe location of our choosing for the Pickup of your new kitten (after a deposit is made) and for final payment. We do not take checks for final payment unless the kitten is being shipped and only then after the check clears, do we ship the kitten. We accept for payment the following: Western UnionCredit Cards and Cash. Due to incidences of fraud in the past, we no longer accept money orders or cashiers checks. We accept Personal Checks only if you are buying or reserving a Persian Kitten in advance, all checks must clear before we will release a kitten.

*Quality of Kittens:

We have worked very hard at becoming a successful, professional, respected breeder of high end deluxe Persians and strive to make your experience with us an enjoyable one. With many years of expertise in the field, we offer some of the world’s most sought after Persians. We treat all of our customer’s with the same respect we would want and we treat all of our customers equally, famous or nonfamous. Our top priority is ensuring our Persian kittens are going to a loving stable home. The price of each Persian kitten depends on the quality of the kitten and the time of year. A brief description is listed with the photos. Our kittens are high end, top quality, well cared for, well socialized, good with children and other animals and also very affectionate all this is reflected in our prices which range from $650.00 w/o any papers and can go up to $2,500 with CFA papers ( see below regarding how to obtain CFA blue slip papers for registering your Persian ). If we are to ship a kitten the price of shipping ranges from state to state, we use a professional animal transporter that sits with the kitten on the airplane and meets the buyer at the airport. Kitten’s being shipped must be paid in full 1 ( one ) week prior to scheduled delivery. We accept CashChecks (which must clear before shipping), for final payment. We ID on all payments. We use Paypal only for reserving a kitten, not for final payment, no exceptions.
Please Note- We sell ex small Persians, just as with any litter there is always one or two kittens that are smaller than the others. We will never advertise our ex small kittens as Teacups or Minis because, there is no such thing as a Teacup or a Mini PersianBreeder’s who advertise and sell Teacup or Mini Persians are breeding runt to runt which produces unhealthy kittens that will have health defects and inherit all of it’s parent’s health issues as well. The CFA does not allow any Persian owner to register their Persian kitten as a Teacup or a Mini. Please educate yourself regarding these ( scam artist ) backyard breeders and please do not give them business. We keep our ex small Persian kittens until we are assured they are healthy, thriving and ready to go to their new home. We will also require our buyer’s to keep our ex small kittens on a special diet up until he/she is 6 months old. We truly care about the well being of all our Persians and want our buyer’s to realize that with an ex small Persian comes responsibility, which the buyer must allow for in their own lifestyle. For more on Teacup Persians click here.

*Reserving a kitten:

We will only reserve a Persian kitten with a deposit which is non refundable (so make sure you really want the kitten before you leave a deposit) via Paypal or Personal Check and is deducted from total price of kitten. If for any reason you are unable to pay for the kitten after you leave a deposit, the kitten will be made available to the next interested buyer. Please respect the fact that our passion is breeding Persians and in order to bring you the most sought after Persian kittens in the world, it takes a lot of time, love, energy, effort and money into breeding the very best. All kittens see our Vet, they will come with a Health Certificate and are given vaccines at the appropriate times before it leaves our home. All of our breeding Persians have been PKD tested which means all of our kittens are born PKD negative. Once a kitten leaves our home, we do not take a kitten back or give refunds should you decide you do not want the kitten. All sales are final.

*Things to Consider:

There are many things to consider before you purchase your newest family member. Persian’s require care like regular brushing and periodic professional grooming as well as Veterinarian visits for exams and vaccinations. They also require attention, so make sure that you have the time for a pet before you decide to purchase one. Our kitten contract requires you to Spay/Neuter and keep your Persian indoors. There are many dangers of letting a kitten roam outside, for one they could catch a deadly disease from a stray animal, get lost/stolen or worse killed. Our Spay/Neuter contract prevents unwanted pregnancies and protects our line of Persians from being bred without a breeding contract.

*Our Health Guarantee Responsibility:

Once a Persian kitten leaves our cattery our responsibility to you is a one year health guarantee from any deadly genetic diseases. If a kitten is found to have a deadly genetic disease within the first year of life, we will offer you another kitten of equal value upon proof from a Licensed Veterinarian stating the exact cause of death along with an autopsy. If a kitten of equal value is not available within (8) eight months, we will refund purchase price of kitten. Our health guarantee does not include minor basic health issues or standard yearly vaccines from feline diseases that is treatable by your local Veterinarian.
Basic care for your new Persian kitten may include treatment for fleas, ear mites, regular brushing and professional grooming, as well as standard vaccines as needed. Once you take ownership this becomes your responsibility and is required in our contract that you take the proper measures to care for your new Persian.

*Your Health Guarantee Responsibility:

We require that you take your new Persian kitten to a Veterinarian within 72 hrs. after final purchase. Failure to do so will render the Health Guarantee null and void. A copy of the Veterinarian Exam must be mailed to us within 7 days after purchase. We will retain a copy of the health exam and purchase contract in our records for one (1) year. Every kitten is susceptible to many deadly and disabling infectious diseases if not treated to prevent and protect them, even indoor kittens. As a concerned and responsible pet owner it is important to have your Persian kitten regularly vaccinated at the appropriate times and is your responsibility once you take ownership of one our kittens to do so. We sell only Persian kittens that have a clean bill of health from our Veterinarian of any deadly or infectious diseases. All kittens will have the appropriate vaccinations before they leave our home which includes first set of shots at 8 (eight) weeks, sometimes second set of vaccines and treatment for fleas.

*Blue Slip Papers:

Our kittens are offered with CFA papers. If you are purchasing a kitten from us with CFA papers we will at time of purchase require you to sign a Spay/Neuter Agreement as outlined in our Purchase Contract, which requires your Veterinarian’s signature at the time of altering. Once your Persian kitten has been Spayed or Neutered, you are required to mail the form back to us and we will promptly mail you the CFA registration papers. If you wish to have express CFA papers on your new kitten at time of pick up an additional cost of $200.00 will be added to the price of the kitten. It is common practice of top breeders not to release CFA papers until proof of altering has been shown, we give you the option of purchasing the Blue Slip ( CFA ) papers right away, however, you will still be required to sign a spay/neuter agreement.

*Breeding Rights:

We offer breeding rights to those interested in breeding. We do require several things from an interested breeder such as references, work history, and place of residence. Our prices for purchasing a kitten with breeding rights start at $1,000.00 per kitten, which is additional from the purchase price. There is a separate contract for breeder’s rights. We are selective with whom we sell breeding rights to. Buyer’s found to be breeding one of our Persians without a breeding contract, will be open to a lawsuit by us, we do not tolerate anyone breeding our line of Persians without having written consent and a contract as well as paying for the cost of breeding rights.

How To Reserve A Persian Kitten

Get on our waiting list to reserve a special Persian kitten for the Holidays! Our kittens sell rather quickly, so not all kittens are listed on the available page, in order to hold a kitten in advance, you must leave a deposit.
Price for each Persian Kitten is listed below the photo along with a brief description. To reserve one of our Persian kittens, simply click on the ~buy now~ button above on left of the available Kismet Persian Kittens page.
A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 per kitten via Paypal is required to hold your kitten.
Please make sure you really want the kitten before you reserve, as deposits not cancelled before 72 hrs.of initially placing a deposit are non refundable. If for any reason you are unable to pay, the kitten will be made available to the next interested buyer.
Please note on your payment the ID number of the Persian kitten you are reserving, your email, and a phone number to reach you, we will call or email to confirm.
*Your Deposit is deducted from total price of kitten. Once a kitten is reserved we will note that the sale is pending and the kitten will not be made available to other buyers.
If kitten is being shipped, an additional cost will be added to total price. We use a professional transport company that hand delivers the kitten to the buyer at the airport. Price for shipping varies from state to state. This allows the kitten to be less stressed during travel and we prefer this way of shipping over having our kittens put in animal cargo locked in a cage, which is stressful to any animal.
Kittens that are shipped will need to be paid 1 ( one ) week prior to delivery. We do not accept Pay Pal for final payment. Checks for final Payment will need to clear before we release kitten.
We accept Cashier’s Checks, Cash, Money Orders and all Major Credit Cards. ID is Required on all purchases.


 *Appointments are 30 minute limit, if you plan to purchase a Persian kitten from us you must bring a carrier. We do not take checks at pick up, cash only. Those seeking a pet for companionship at a much lower price, should use the services of their local SPCA or Friends of Strays as they offer many loving pets needing good homes for a highly discounted fee.
We are providers for the client who knows what they want, knows that we offer very high quality Doll Faced Persian kittens, and can afford our prices. We do not offer layaway nor can we hold a kitten without a deposit. deposit.